I replied with the below to this website posting.. very interesting times.


Ironic that such a statement would come from a “creator” tasked with the show running of a “time traveler” IP in the early 21st century mediaverse world.:) As any time lord or tardis knows,It’s all in the FLOW today, not the fixed points in time or in artifacts.;)

Todays Transmedia fanz are not required nor desiring of simple “story” or “narratives”– although most transmedia writers being hired today would not want to know this;)— might hurt there paycheck demands– the media Fanz CAN and want to immerse in the IP’s FLOW-in all its mediums… never really caring about the “writers” intent of any specific element.. but what they need to get/feel out of the experience.. Experiences that are of the moment, not requiring nearly as much linear “direction” as the TV generation that Moffat, and Myself btw- were born into and grew up in…We are a  generation still stuck in comparing life to movies/narratives for understanding “my life as a movie”  But these kids( 0-25) today–don’t tHUNK like this…. they play games,they interact by button mashing, they communicate by visual iconic grunts;) they play games with reduxs and levels…never dying, but rebooting.  No SPOILERS..lol “Doctors rulez”  from the last literate Doctor to the River… the River that just SINGS in the FLOW of TIME… no direction needed;)

The 21st century is a “feeling” media era, not a “thinking-literate mans era”.. for good and bad… all one really has to do is ask the Doctor, cause he’s of course, seen it all before;) well in the future.;)

anyhow- i enjoyed the last 6 years of Doctor,,, and that’s as an american who grew up with 60s-70s TREK, not Who..but did know as a mediabastard, who Tom Baker was and that scarf guy show was about…;) But eh next and last incarnation of the Doctor– hell be you artificial augmented “companion” in a pod device- not an acted/scripted character in a story where you only watch HIM and THEM, RUN !!!!