A Correction. Who we are. 2015

I think i may have been wrong, maybe my predictions for cultural memes might have missed the true “hope in youth” of the human condition. Who we are/were: 1950s – Cowboys 1960s- Space Men 1970s- antiheros 1980s- Sociopaths 1990s – Vampires 2000- Zombies 2010— I HAD thought we’d become Androids/ Borg/ Cyborgs. and maybe many of us are already. 2020 – I was pretty sure next was going to be BIOS, Human Animal /Furry Hybrids… 2010-2020 – either way both above predictions were based on the trend from 1950-2000. one of lessening, not bettering our “human” or any condition at all. but ive become to see by 2015 a changing trend, maybe its based in hope or maybe just fantasy defeating science and nature.. its clear now this is the age of marvels.. Today we are Super Heroes. though im not so sure the hero part will maintain until the end of the decade. But youth seems hopeful. 🙂

But maybe the truth is more about the last 50 years journey from citizens to consumers to products. We’ve done so well for ourselves 😉

Mad Men Finale Predictions- Plus some VR memes, v 3.0 – Bring on the Show!

OK. Here we go.

First some ground rules from my “mediabastard” POV on the Show and its characters. As for what it’s creator want’s to do in his final 60 minutes, it’s all good and god speed.


1. Don He’s always represented not a man, but a country, US. the USA. A Nation of Dickish Whit(e)men. He’s America of his time. 1950-70 (or up through the 80s i’m gonna guess) He is the MIPS man as much as the Marlboro Man he is given credit for creating and destroying.:) He’s the “wanna be grown up” child from the Changeling. . He went to war as one Dickish Whiteman and came back pretending to be a Dapper King -Don Draper) The Great Gatsby’s son, and while Gatsby dies, i don’t think Don will. He has one more transformation in him, just as America did in 1970. California awakes and awaits, and so does the 70s and early 80s. Media has yet to become our reality and the “LOOP of tech and media”  has yet to take hold.

2. Betty We’ve known shes toast since episode 1. Killed by the medium of advertising that Don (america) became post war. How to be happy when we might not really need to be. A Smoking hot babe, dies grizzled from smoking. Shes been representing the casualties of the post war American family culture of the time for the series. Always neen a Lucky(stripes) Gal, as her good guy god fearing believer 2nd husband has told her this week. Her story ends by the 1970s as it did for all those who were f the rule players of the Grapes of Gatsby Playbooks. While

3. Joan and Peggy (who fought to get rules broken) enter into the 70s gaining all the evils of America (Don) as they get also get the equal rights to make a crappy world:) or a better one ? maybe- but now they matter . But DON/America still will unleash it’s/his final transformation. One so large they can they can ride along for, but cant deny.

4. Back to Don. Yeah i ignored Pete, he’ll either get his survivor reward for playing the game, or he’ll be torture fodder for Weiner, who’ll pull the Job from him and fridge his happy soap opera ending in a way that leaves him a zombie, compared to Betty’s actual corpse. He’ll kinda end up like most older republicans during the Reagan years.;) Or maybe that’s actually Rogers fate, He’s already shown as history’s war stories in the old age home floor. So Don/ Americas makes his last transformation in the final episode.Either shown or time jumped, It allows the mediated loop and MIPS to take over in the 1980’s. And after that, its just all reruns for us. He’s out west, CA. either North or South CA, it really don’t mater, hes Producing Movies or Running Studios. Hell he’s just read the Godfather, and for all we know he’s meeting with or AS Robert Evans to produce it.:) He’ll be helping Steven and George make movies based on the Comics/themes he grew up on and that they saw in early TV between his cowboy commercials for cereals… He’ll be hanging out in garages with other Steves and more Steves talking about computers and TM and will finally try LSD from his neighbor Tim in 1971.

By 1980 he’ll have both capitalized and corporatized the modern culture of the west. Both Hippies and Reagan Republicans, and served them up into a world view that is the perfectly both Dickish and Donish. A fantasy that can never be found out against reality, since reality can never return to the system. Its the American mediated dream, one that can never be woken from , perpetual repeats in syndication. the Carousel realized, finally in true reality of  form.

Without any VR HMD’s or Computer Graphics (yet;) , Don will deliver the Mediaverse, ready for it’s close up by 1984.  After that, we are all of us, just the characters in a show. And Dick Whitman/Don Draper/Mr. Captain America? he never dies. he’s always falling. As in any dream turned nightmare that one cant awake from.

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For those who have read it before, check this reprint out, it contains an extra closing addendum with comments about today’s VR business. Let me hear any thoughts, and please contact me for projects and consulting gigs if interested.

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