I think i may have been wrong, maybe my predictions for cultural memes might have missed the true “hope in youth” of the human condition. Who we are/were: 1950s – Cowboys 1960s- Space Men 1970s- antiheros 1980s- Sociopaths 1990s – Vampires 2000- Zombies 2010— I HAD thought we’d become Androids/ Borg/ Cyborgs. and maybe many of us are already. 2020 – I was pretty sure next was going to be BIOS, Human Animal /Furry Hybrids… 2010-2020 – either way both above predictions were based on the trend from 1950-2000. one of lessening, not bettering our “human” or any condition at all. but ive become to see by 2015 a changing trend, maybe its based in hope or maybe just fantasy defeating science and nature.. its clear now this is the age of marvels.. Today we are Super Heroes. though im not so sure the hero part will maintain until the end of the decade. But youth seems hopeful. šŸ™‚

But maybe the truth is more about the last 50 years journey from citizens to consumers to products. We’ve done so well for ourselves šŸ˜‰