UPDATE- when i first posted this entry, Raid71 was NOT SELLING POSTERS of the APPLE LOGO IMAGE… it appeared that it was a work for hire piece done by a “professional illustrator”… AS OF TODAY-10/14/11 – the image is for sale…as a 35.00 poster. its an infrigment of Apples Corporate Logo and no longer has any editorial use ..but onyl consumer/pr use as a poster…  so there you have it, another “pro” succumbs to the cut and paste mediocrity of  the “computer for the rest of us.”  Way to go… cant beat em, join em i guess… shame.  No more jobs…only Jobs…thats the true legacy of the way we deal with technology today… stupid, short term,  monkey’s with clubs:) shame.


even more identical… and now i read people are selling the image all over….  Apple should just end the shams and print its own copyrighted/trademark derived version for cancer research moneymaking….

goota hand it to Jobs, keeps all the patents and copyrights to himself at Apple..even famous for the Apple records grab… and now has an entire generation prasing him for “creative” thinking and reporting that he “taught us that the ends justify the means”….  the press has him next to Franklin, Edison and Einstein… pretty sure Einstein didnt grab the idea for the GUI from a research lab at xerox….  and that Franklin didnt sub out chip design to china.  but anyway… 

different mediaverse back then..

perfect icon for the devalued culture that i gotta say he helped create… whats even funnier is Stahlmann tweeting that hes glad hes gone… and that he was a menance to “free software” and “ip”….

a circus of  Media Induced Psychosis.. from both its pushers and addicts.. dontya thunk?