yadda yadda. click here, win a stuffed animal. excuse me, win virtual tokens for a virtual stuffed animal. Be valued at 5 Billion. Drop 600 points today, back up 500 tommorrow, Drop 400 again… games, not reality rulez our collective psychosis today… MIPS.

Yes. most of this is sold by Bullshitters…but VIRTUALITY and our PSYCHOSIS of Beliefs around it, are REAL.

GAMERS WITH NO REAL GAME (life) to Play(live -experience-worth) riot all over the globe today.. Stuff that “narrative” in ones “VIRTUALITY= BETTERVERSE” meme pipe, and smoke it.;)  Is that legal yet? we need new sin taxes since the Tea Party wont let us pay for services we want… and LOTTO and INDIAN GAMING has just about filled up the 50 States….;)