Im sitting in a Barnes and Nobles Cafe, since one cant find a “coffee house cafe” anymore in the overly paved and branded Boca Raton.

Ive just read through a non payed for copy of PRINT magazine and found a few articles interesting…

One was about the “History of Graphic Design” and it’s writer/designer Rick Poyner was concerned that “no one was writing about or looking into it”..

The other article was about “Death of Design Thinking” in which it was really just figured out that “Design thinking” was much more than a “branded’ meme to make some “feel” good and really had nothing to do with real thinking at all, and of course all it really did was point out that process– design process- has been what was really missing and of course, no longer really of interest in today’s “App for that” world. Of course all this is printed during the month of the 100th anniversary of McLuhans B- day.


So lets connect the dots and see the deeper story….


The medium/meme we swim in today is the digital wave- virtual- and ephemeral , and that medium will make Barnes and Nobles as much as a part of history as it did Borders this same week. As for Print- well it will serve the poor masses well Im sure for years to come. 😉 History though is dead, since recording history digitally costs media money-aka cloud storage, and machines that obsolete themselves in a decade, so dont worry about “graphic design history” Mr. Poyner, It’ll be just as dead as all information and content not labeled “relevant” by Google Search Algorithms.;)

Design Thinking, is a nice last gasp by the literate design generation to find a sellable branded term to their shrinking client base, making less and less designed products, and more and more, beta tested experiments released as Apps.;) If they sell, or make us “feel” like they do, they win.


BTW- I saw the “new” Captain America Movie this weekend… Thanks god the audience already knows the basic “story”. Since of course in “modern cinematic narrative style” what we saw was a comic book storyboarded sequence of 2-3 minutes vignettes, that bounced back and forth in the most simple outline of a “movie hero” adventure. Dialog was almost completely not needed for any story, and the great fail of the movie, which kept it from definite Raiders of the Lost Ark levels, was the “music score”( except for the Star Spangled Disney tune -which worked) that didnt live up to John Williams needed levels….and thus make us FEEL the super heroics shown on screen as they occured. Anyhow- Feel-a-rama trumps the bad 3D See-a-rama they keep “selling us” as “immersive” and soon the money counters will figure this out. Good Visual Design though, Joe Johnston (industrial designer edu), had a good design history life, not sure if one will same the same for the grandchildren of the Star Wars designers world.;) They may come to beleive that there were Rayguns and rocketsubs used by the Nazis, er.. Hydra in WW2.    Well at least we got the Flying Car…almost. 

Speaking of brands and ww2 etc…..   and the current insanity about “brands” lead by the undeductated 20-30 year old meta set on facebook and twitter… check out  ” Iron Fists: Branding the 20th-Century Totalitarian State ” by Steven Heller