Yeah, we get it. 1980s. 1984 thats when the real 1984 happened. Apples Commercial wasnt a joke on IBM . but US. yadda yadda yadda.

What he’s saying… but why must one look so dumb on your website? Point Picture, Snark Picture, Guffow Picture…   Ah … Stewart jr. v.20.  got it.:)

ah well. Satire was big in the 1980s.. so maybe it can come back… but is that site satire?  one must ask his book’s publicists…:)


Watching David Sirota on Cspan- Ive come to the conclusion that at 35 he cant see beyond “the story” and “narratives” as what runs the world. And that very soon the “story” will be what people a decade younger than him will not be talking about when they try to write books to explain why they are as they are. He sees the stasis, but not the real cause, machines need no narratives:) . Interesting how much of the transmedia today is focused on stories- many from the 80s. Im more convinced that in 30 years “transmedia story” will sound as alien to 2040s 20 year olds, as “narratives” sounds to 2010s 60 year olds…who look at his narrtaives about narrtive son bad tv from the 80s,, and say so what?..when i was a kid i was ducking under tables to esacpe nuclear death…real nuclear  death, from real russians, not a guest star with a bernie kopel accent on the A team:)

anyhow– i think he needs a little genx in him– be a translator of generations…its d halep him.. he couldnt see it.. hes too deep in a generational loop…hes Y.why?

not HOW. all he could see was his programming… the TV show….  just wait till he groks the programming of the next 30 year gen, open ended code.