Hey, Kirsty Alley Didnt Win that Dance Show- but she lost weight, and that Kid who won American Idol sure is Perty and has a deep voice…

I saw how Storify was trying to be used by a literate type who writes and reports for many years…. Eegads.. what a mess. perfect for a postliterate generation like the one we called out in tHUNK! almost 20 years ago

http://www.cube3.com/thunk/NEWS7.htm      requires an older Director Shockwave (10. i think is last version that it works in- another example of the lie of digital info on the web being forever- not if it cant be monetized by the trend of the moment).

News with no context, just hyperlinks, just numbers showing quantities-votes)(an idea i dwevled again into 5-6 years ago), perfect for the web geek gamer generation.

Anyhow, Facebook will trick children into valueing privacy like they do a sugar count, Those in Gov who like Gestapo measures will continue to legally find dirty photos on everyone to prosecute them with, and some geek with a really stupid and unoriginal idea will be soon VC/ valued at 4 billion and hailed an American hero like child citizen Zuck. Menawhile Zuck runs Amuck..


At least some of the CNET Geeks have realized that he’s hacked them as much as they hack others…

It’s things like this that make me want to let GORT run the show.