Just some quick thoughts about the finale of the “modern” Superman Storytelling ways and the generation weened on it. We all know the “Superman” story -75 plus years old- has gone from “comic” pages to movies to episodic video to novels etc to iconic myth over the century… but in the 21st century, one where man vs his media will collide in ways that could only be “scifi fiction” in the 20th century, the story of the UBERMAN may be even more valueble .

the show ran 10 years… dragging out a commecially mechanized “set of trials” for one boy to become a “man”…. and the nature of mechanized TV served it well..for its owners.

The finale was a “gift’ they told us at 2hrs… which in reality was 1 h 23 minutes… ..the rest- commercials….the real story being the selling to viewers…

Im reading now the “talkbacks” at AICN and the fans and haters all seem to be “struggling” over the “storytelling”  they were weened on over 10 years.. of drag out exposition.. and the “hurry up and cut scene ending of the finales methods….

the “arrows” of orion were used? really? clark PUSHED a planet? really?.. where was that shown or “explained” via dialog….

the fans seem to have stumbled upon the real  “psychosis” in the media and their reliance on it…

So many talk “transmedia storytelling” but they still ahevnt realized that they have killed the key issue of a story…to communicate an idea.  So many scenes.. so many WTFs?.. now I can appreictte the issues of the 1:23 edit…and the script writers perils..but i doubt Cloes new kid could…. and in 7 years does one rally think theyll be any “print” comics left….? the irony would be that the real 7 year future would be mom cloe downloading the ipad apple logoed dc comic-3d machinima… that would of course not need mom to read the story… but will feature didgital systemesized voices of tom welling as superman… clark, whatever.;)

Its clear that the “ubermen” responsable for the SMALLVILLE –SUPERMAN brand, in the end, took 10 years to sell us.. not tell us. a satisfying story for how to “be ethical”  which in the end, was all the “superman story” was meant to be. Plus make a living for some young artists almost a century ago.

i could write more, maybe will.. be i did enjoy the last 5 minutes… but really , didnt the kiddies “need” to see /hear CLARK- TELL darkside to leave…that this planet was “protected”…  and that was what moved the planet.. not a push..

30 years ago kids and dumb adults thought Superman actually spun the planet backwards to set back time…they couldnt see the visual metaphor… and 30 years later… they dotn even get 2 hr 12 minutes… of origin story… they get 10 years of commercials… and a 1 :23 minute costume change… and the “epic” fight that they were SOLD by all other media means.. reduced to a single close up face shot and a cgi figure rotated in space….

A mediabastard can “get it”.. but the kids of Cloe at AICN..and Kryptonsite dont seem too… and they dont know its not a whom, but a what..which failed them.

“What’s”  are what Superman and man can change.  I hope that story hasnt been lost.

FOLLOW UP- 6/18/2011

Saw Green Lantern Movie—  as poorly scripted and edited as a feature film can be… but in many ways, its a perfect 2hr cut of the 10 years of a hero in the making that was “smallville”….  if one was to ADD 10 years of episodic “learn the ring and who you are” fluff to the scenic intercuts and character shortcut scenes of interactions between them, and youd have “rookie flighboy” the series… culmionating with HAL again asking the Guardians to HELP HIM SAVE HIS PLANET…give him what he needs… er..he already had the ring…..he got no more extra ring juice..right?…  kinda like clark and flight…but worse. How can we keep our Heros so blind and dumb for as long as possibly needed to make money from…

Transmedia Storytelling…. writing to monetize.. but THATS is a major POINT of it , and HOW IT CAn MAKE IT THE MOST MONEY… used to be pay by word writers like “Dickens”…now its pay by episode video, soon to be pay by clicks as all that really manages the system.  I really think we need to beware the Transmedia GAMERZ who want to add their game levels of clicks over all human activities….  anyhow…