Today playdom- owned by disney was fined 3 million for “grabbing kids info without parental permission.”  but it also seems that not only big business, but education  has placed our future kids “being” into a place that many would have hoped we have gotten past in human history…

people as cattle….

Via the bogosphere of everyones ideas of the moment I came across this post and others like it from a webmaster wanting to “virtualize” the school he works with.

Grown up with “click” yes or no, binary “adventure games”….dazzled by higher production values of one on one image manipulation and sound efx re-enforncement.

i keep hearing about “creativity” built upon playing computer games… but i dont see it. I spent 30 years designing interrative systems/media and devices. The reality is that the systems and interfaces are designed DUMB for less interference with the task… and since the task is not to “create” with 99% of these “learning games” or any video game, but to “experience” and “win” a puzzle one must really ask what are we creating here in our kids….

i can give a dozen examples of “video game” expereinces/puzzles etc that i can solve just by seeing how they are presented…I then know creativley what was intended.. then im forced to manualy click away until ive “triggered” all the gates, or whatever devices allow me to go forward…”win”. advance..etc…  ive learned very little.. my experience has been “drugery” and more important… my time and effort have been recorded as “interacting”.. and thus.. according to WAY to many either ignorant or invested in this “gamification” of education meme think…  ive done WELL and should be rewarded. ugh.

Almost none of the educators or consultants selling “gamification” have more than 5 years actually designing anything in interactive computer media… they may have grown up pushing buttons and are comfortable with the technology. but one must ask who and what they have become by these binary methods of being…and of course what will be the effect of the “creative’ solutions they now enforce on the next generations….

skinner is winning…. even UX designers are now choosing to work for corporate entities that design UX.. not to be user “freindly” but to be user monetizable to the last half cent…or click…

it shouldnt take a old mediabastard to tell you that 90% of how weve used interactive media in the last 20 years is really crappy…

you should have figured that out by watching television.;)