No long post about Al Caeda, 9/11, and twitter bs about who posted what first…like it matters…but I will take a stab at the one thing I noticed through all the hoopla about killing people…

The night of the announcement by the President, we saw thousands of 20 year olds gather at ground zero, times square, and at the white house to sing and chant, and as one of them put it…get so surreal. Now the real thing is that they all were no more than 10 years old , back in the day…;)  that day in 2001. They werent 20 year olds back from war, partying in time square in 1945, though yes a few might have been…but the majority were reality tv grown, boogey man, violent porn horror-Saw III- grown young adults who werent even old enough to vote for Obama 3 years ago;).

But they will in 2012…unless of course Donald Trump can produce the corpse of  Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies/books.