I didnt see it, but Piers Morgan had some sort of “twitter” show?. Had Alyssa Milano and the twiter BIZ dude and some others all tweeting during the show… Sounds “facinating”//zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. but while reading comments I keyed in on one may by an apparent metakid saying how these old “dinosaurs” were just gabbing about things they dont get-er grok- and all that revolutionary twitter/facebook-social media would make them obsolete.  yadda yadda.

Just one small fact check- “dinosaurs” survived and flourished for hundreds of millions of years at a shot… Modern -tech-tool using – Humanity is barely at 50,000 years….   Dont you think one should wait till “game over” to score the game…?

gamerz and metagen kids…just not to bright.  alyssa milano was one of the  rare kid actors who grew up to be attractive… and made her adult career with some nude film database cred….  fair enough–but the “quality” of twitter does not bode well for it or ours survival.