It’s just sad. With all the punditry and sales gusto of the metapundits of today that they just can’t see past the “orwellian speak” world that they help bring into being. Ask them and they will dance/talk up all things “betterverse”… and PC..

But the reality is much more serious… and not “serious” as in “serious games.”…;)  So just sit back and listen to Cornell “expert” in  virtuality media Robert B. tell us about the “military entertainment complex”  centered in Orlando near Disneyworld.

Ive got nothing against “entertainment” and nothing against the “military”  but to use these terms together, and think that it’s a good thing…just propels us further into grunting post literate apes….  but with nuclear missiles.

What is wrong with these folks? 😉 Whats wrong with those who keep asking them to speak to them as well?