Ill be seeing this “movie” soon, till then no full review of ideas…. but i do find the comment used in this review “post narrative” very telling. As ive mentioned here time and time again we are entering a culture of grunting apes that oogle the shiny and cannot complete any narratives thoughts. I know the “transmedia” foilk are all “story this and story that” but the reality is the video gamerz structure of actions with musical beats and rythms have now turned our little darlings into the savages of lost boys and lords of flies …..

We say these films are “bad”–well the reviewers do… and maybe most of the “young” viewers they are being made for will as well…but over time, I think that just like post MTV videos made film in the 80-90-00s less narrative and more “feeling” via music…. the game visual mix mash of “virtuality” will continue to make linear filmaking more machinelike, animated and less usefull for humans…:)