Watch this video. Then ask yourself if this is the future you want to be a part of. If so, enjoy youre delusion while you can. One would think Slavery v1.0 was enough. or any Cult v 1.0 would be proof enough of Philips “invention”. But alas, too many were blindsighted by the SHINY of Virtual Environments as marketed and evangelized by Linden Labs.

As a Media Bastard whos spent over 20 years creating virtual experiences and whose own efforts on virtual IP and 3D communities  “birthed” Second Lifes success from failure in 2003… I’m sorry. But the rest has all been on you.

Second Lifes cul-tlike ways have become apparent to even the most fanatical fanboy/girl that Linden Labs propheted from over the last 7 years… The desire of too many to take these “lessons learned” out toward all of reality and the damage that it will do, is again. up to you.