Sane or not, Whacked out on Drugs or not, the Charlie Sheen Show this week has given America it’s greatest Media Bastard to date. It’s perfect Gen X revenge. Better than any “tabloid reality faux celebrity” who is only “celebrated” and “paid” for by the tabloid mass machine. Charlie Sheen is the top paid TV star for a good old Amercan CBS Sitcom. Hes been a Film fav for MajorLeaugers  and taught us GREED WAS GOOD. 20 years ago.

Expelled from HS..hollywood freakin, Millionaire Celeb family, etc.. Its all so Perfect. 

Porn Stars!.. yeah.. not the old hairy 70 ones… but the nuevo shaved teens that every facebook fem /phone cammer strives to be.

Not since Maryln Monroe has i think America been given a dose of its own reflection in the mirror of its own hall of mirrors of virtuality.

I AM watching the ABC 20/20 Interview as I write this…. and all I can offer is “whatever delusions are being shown, we all are part of this particular virtuality” and if ever an example of MIPS– MEDIA INDUCED PSYCHOSIS was needed proven– This is it.