Why are we screwed? Because we today think of Facebook and Twitter as “Technologies” . The “tire” is a technology, a continuation of the wheel. Firestone and Goodyear are just 2 virtualities called “corporations” that monetize and produce tires/wheels for commercial markets.  Trademarks today have become more important than the actual products or services. 25 years ago the XEROX copy meant all photocopying… did XEROX win any revolutions in the 80s? Did CANNON fail China via faxes in the 90s?

Just another step into virtuality and the inabililty to see reality… good job all:)

Get the difference?  if not, then I cant help ya.;)

Science is/was? a method to find truths in nature (the universes laws). Technolgies were once the applications of what was learned via science, and a corporation was once a virtual organization that s goal was to profit from those technologies it developed or had rights too.   Correct?

Semantics only ? Maybe- but such is the stuff, memes and networks feed on. Such is the science of how such technologies really function.

And remember – Al Gore invented the internet.;)