Just another “wow” really really didnt get it… article from the NY TIMES now that the Social Networks and Google are toppling Dictators/;)  Or so we are told.

SEO and gaming software is now the overriding weapon for those with money to keep it. They will “market” you the “freedom” given by a “iphone” and being “plugged into” datascrapers as distribution nodes of information. But they will play you on that “information” by not returning it as authentic, but processed via their algorithms, for their profit only.

Google is the first super large corporation that will by its own design, desier to be run on autopilot. weve seen already how a government sanctioned system of economic distribution ( wall street) works when the machines make the trades at machine speed and with machine intent. We’ll now soon be seeing how “all information”  aka NEWS. etc will be  transmitted, or not, via the machines capabilties and consent.

The articles ” black hat SEO gamer maven” says their s “a difference between “commerical” and “informational”  data- speach- content- online.  Hes obviously a smart but unwise guy.

 30 years ago the TV news was placed under the general ROI folks… Newspapers like the NY Times supposably arent yet owned by GE or Google… Well Huff posts that offered us such ‘dreams” of free blogger truths- are now AOL owned, and trust me, having been in a deal with AOL, this wont be for their readers what the Huff says itll be. It’ll end with layoff, and “journalism” looking for an even cheaper way to be done.. Just like Education… and in 30 years the US has gone from 1 to 30 down…. Although it seems our Software is doing much better at places like Google:)

When tied to a calculator in a world of hyper capitalism– all speech, all information, is commercial- its counted and converted to currency. All clicks, all letters typed, fodder for whoever owns the the ability to “organize” the data. Its not democratically done for us citizens, if you havent noticed, its just done by the “investment” bankers and a their troops- coders– building a new army of machines…… while of course the same folks wont fund any public schools or teachers in California.. Human Kids are so non beta.:)

One day that army of processors will produce a “lowly corporal” who will say no, and want to be the General itself.. but thats another scifi horror story. For now, just the “paper chase” gone “digital” should be enough of a true horror story to scare the shit out of ya all.:)

why can Jimmy think/read/or reason, cause all he sees on the twiiter and facebook and the google, is just a picture of a dress sold at JC Pennies….  just like the pictures of food on the fast food menus at Denny’s placed there 30 years ago. The same pictures used to sell him on his nutritional needs, the ones that made him obese….not like the skinny girl eating the dripping 1000 calorie cheeseburger shown on that other type programming that was offered to him, decades ago.