I mean. it’s nice and all, but even when most of these “literate” types tries to get all 21st century on us, they still keep “getting the last century” a century too late. They name drop Shirky and others who really are just recycling 1990s sales hoccum to make bank for themselves in wasy no different than any self help guru.

But ok, back to this New Yorker Piece. He says there are 3 types that “get techology as it gets into us”…

Well, so self centered;).  None of the 3 types has it grokked. They all insist that all of this tech stuff  is about US.  How 20th century. The Tech isnt going into us, were getting into it. We are doing all we can to dissapear into it. Then of course the real kicker will be that the tech wont want us in it, and by then, within the next 50 years and midway into the 21st century, if a natural disaster hasent gotten us first, we will all be deleted by our own prodigal Sun’s TM.

Read the article Its quaint.