I guess i was in realife and missed the Gladwell droning about twitter revolutions and now that they’re back as fodder for the pro technology marketers salivating over the Egyptian situation, I guess Ill just have to set reality back on it’s pins for all again.


Geez. fuck EVERYTHING will be tweeted for the next few years. More human and machine text artifacts will be uploaded into the mass static called the Internetz than one can ever hope to read or make any heads or tails of. Then THEY WONT. And another format for yelling back at reality will be in vogue as a revolution that is needed.

any topic, every topic, any thought, every,thought any report, every report, that any moron plugged into the netz will have will be tweet fodder.

and one day youll have to pay extra for it, just like usenet, which had all this crap dumped in it before. or all those floppies full of “valueble” emails” and “crap” that you couldnt live without back in the 80s.

One mans stuff- another mans crap.  to paraphrase a smart revolutionary once called george .(carlin)