Get it?:). From Googlemaps tm to ireporters TM on CNN tm sponsored by Facebook, and the AOL/ GOV OBAMA start up iniative, we cant accept any agenda beyond a corporate sales/pr message. we are just a target audience , no longer a society.

The idea of man as a machine. Run by a computer brain, and maybe a machine AI god, has finally won over our mythological gestalt. With electricity to run it, that virtual particle–(steam was nature-water-visible to any moron) the electron has finally reached out globally and is allowed to redefine us.

It is no miracle that it’s in Egypt- and the middle east, the birth of  “obsolete-old” modern human societies and civilization, that this new “beta”
 machine/virtual reality we’re now facing , is taking place.

 Media Induced Psychosis is no longer an ailment. Like “Autism”  it’s now the desired Human Condition.  1984 arrived and has been accepted as a commercial for “freeing man”, not “branding” him like one does to cattle or a family slave.

and so we now have EGYPT 2012 TM – Brought to you by Twitter tm.. as the eternal myth and man de-maker of the next millenium – if  the “universe-nature” allows it:\;)


Dont dream it , be it. — circa 1975

Dont be it, Dream it — circa 2012

Beware the ID — 1956

Get the irony?