Rushkoff after 20 years of  “marketing” Meta (or being used by others to market it)  is now finally “understanding the medium” thats he’s  been labeled an expert in for those 20 years. So what about the first 19 years? 😉

Well. maybe this is  the last gasp in the idea that “humans” can grow, and evolve new ideas. While machines and systems, software, do not, they just become obsolete after they are beta. By design, they are organisms driven for ends, not means.

Understand that mass media pundits are sold to us as beta. And then unsold as obsolete.  By design they are not empowered to do humans any good other than to THINK for us or DO for us in the age of the machine.

Programs – TV programs robotized our thoughts… Computer Programs robotized our actions. Its not like we can call this any more “new”  then “new coke”, “mew journalism”  or “new media”