Come on. Let’s just paint a giant Dollar Sign on his helmet and make his costume dollar bill green….

Fear in America has gotten to the place where they wont even call the project “CAPTAIN AMERICA” overseas….. I guess like any viewers in russia or the ukraine or south korea (who animates most of our hero cartoons) wont see the red/white blue and stared hero fighting for the US in WW2 and figure hes an “American” in the actual film.  Its not liek they havent had 60 years to get to read or see capt.america before in any media.

First Superman 2009 ( crap writers) felt they had to sacrifice “TRUTH and JUSTICE and “all that other stuff”… but now the causualty will finally just be “truth” since “why not”…no one seems to want it anymore.

One wonders why younger generations feel cheating is OK.  Just another step toward living in pods, and fed whatever keeps us fat and content.