A new blog that got the attention of the New York Times in November. Further evidence that as a culture we can no longer find value in reality, and have allowed virtualities, in any seductive form to redefine our value to it’s metrics.

Laws no longer for real humans, but for fantasy versions of ourselves. When removed from the games. comics, and entertaining dreams we should be using for ideals, but not for practical realities, it’s all pretty dangerous when combined with the machine.

“Kingdom Come” wasnt a very nice future to live in, super powered or not.

MIPS again.

Update- I read a bit deeper on the site and the creators FAQ- they are young lawyer guys.. one grad 09. I left this comment on their blog… Any thoughts?

“I completely “get” what you guy’s are doing and why. It just scares me, that’s all, it just scares me. You should definately package the “idea” for a preteen- early teen audience. The really scary thing is I got here from the New York Times. We live via fantasies in the same time we make tools that can wipe us out overnight. More and more we delude ourselves into living lives in the comicverse. Which Earth are “we” today, Earth Prime seems long gone.:)”