CNN – The Revolution is still being  TELEVISED- same as China 89 , Russia 91 , and etc.   We’re sold its a “Social media” meta thing… by the same CNN that breaks every 10 minutes for an ATT and Apple iphone commerical….

Is this Liberty via tech? its a nice commercial, but how many US  fax machines found their way to China in 1989?  Enough to allow China in 20 years to own our asses I guess. But to call China a place of Liberty? well..

“Liberation Technology” quoted on CNN just now.  We shall see. “Chaos technology?” one thinks that may be the name for the millions in Egypt, not the thousands on the streets yelling, but the rest now arming with baseball bats to protect their homes as the police is now gone, and it appears Mubarik hopes people will choose the despot they know for anarchy they dont.

Time for the metapundits “better world” via technologies to emerge..or not. Watch this space.  Anyone remember that  crazy little medium/ technology called OIL? Not as Shiny as an iphone… but tweets and facebook didnt matter in Iraqs revolution, It took place in very non “social media” ways,  unless you count Al Quiedas use of the net to socially communicate before 9/11.

Or Irans in 1979-80. That too had a US OIL friendly despot running a country with alot of 24 year olds with nothing to do.  It wasnt the stone age in 1980. Some people even had ” CNN”.;)

30 years of MIPs.  have any “better” countries emerged in all this time>? Better for it’s humans that is.