The extention of the machine.

The replacing of the EYE with the HAND. This is the medium of “interactive- interface”.  The click.. the build. the DO. rather than the THINK. Reflex rather than contemplation.

Non tech man had to think and do simultaniuosly to survive. the new post-human is being rewired to as i put it 2o years ago: THUNK. an almost instintive method of reactions that are much more felt than thought…. and thus seem to create a more primal being, that can again only learn not to put ones hand in a fire by experience.

Meanwhile the machine keeps extending— well ,we keep exending it in mass,  because such actions return a few with the  power over others for the time being. And the more we do this the more we need to think like the machines base system. On and Off. Why? It’s Easier. Faster. and a increased ROI.

Today I think many “meta tech believers” saw their SUPERMAN (supermachine),the Internet,  lose it’s SUPERPOWERS –Egypt?;)- Kryptonite has been found. – its time for the “hero” to adapt.

But one always had to wonder— and one should think the machine wont be as “concerned” with action storytelling weekly as much as man was…– why didnt Superman use all that knowledge from the 28 known galaxies… to invent a device to find and remove all the Kryptonite from the planet. We’ll at least “all” but Bruce’s chunk.;) since Supes-was still a Man.

 Kind of makes you wonder. They always say we fight the last war. Maybe the whole “Robot war” thing is just a human story need. It’s possible they dont have to fire a single Terminator/cylon nanomissile at us. They just have to wait. Maybe they like the Cockroach can afford to just wait. Maybe one day the machine will be extended far enough and we will be contracted small enough for them just not to care about what we do. But we do spray millions of dollars worth of crap to kill cockroaches in our homes, dont we?

OK. need for a human narrative, done. later.