Ok. I lied, the free Ebook offered is NOT one of those DEMAND MEDIA type “GOOGLE SEO” erections that wants you to buy lessons on getting rich or all natural dog food.;)

BUT. it’s a e book written by Dan Gilmore that i stumbled upon on the net today, and am now reading through.

Reminds me of my late 80s early 90s “media” activist roots and how even after 20 years, we learn nothing, but always seem to enjoy the pundits “telling us we need to learn”…etc etc..

medium is the medium  eh?

anyhow- Steal this book!… its CC , and IF i was middle class anymore id even buy a copy…  but i dont have too.. unless the internet gets shut down…or sold to comcast… which ever comes first.

I thought you couldnt STOP copying digital media?.. My Egyptian and Turminstan Sandwich readers will  Im afraid, NOT be getting the free copy downloaded anytime soon.