Cory Doctorow is yacking again, and is happy to tell us that his 10 year stint as a cyberpundit is still in swing, and that he and his mentors are still doing fine. Tell us about the rabbits in another 10 years Cory. My guess is that youll be “dying” to get a jaron lanier, cliff stoll like – articles of lament book deal out and “pre paid” for published by a so called old media- they pay the rent- patron/ publisher.

Anyhow. the “futurist” will eventually meet the future.

Technology is not neutral – its has its own agenda via its attributes. As for the Interfaced medium of Digital Virtuality: It continues to “level” us all to its own “language” of binary input. It continues to pluck out the “loudest echos” and raise them to “most valueble” or most “relevent” as a math equation, and silence the rest in the noise of their own echo chambers.

As some cyberslackers said  with irony while Corey was in jr high in 1990- “so tribal.;)” 

A serious debate over what were doing with technology in societies based on human scale law… certainly.

BUT ONE MUST ACKNOWLEDGE  FIRST that digital  and networked scales are not equal to  human scales of speed/need/sustanance.

at 10 your drawing jetpacks in mommies kitchen… at 20 youre gropping others for 9.00/hr at the airport.