Comcast/NBC UNIVERSAL Merger. ugh. where to start? Obama’s pre elecetion rhetoric on the cosolidation of big media? The currupt system of lobbiests in DC?. The totally fcked FCC? our just the plain old fact that the internet is now to be cable tv, and that only those with 200.00 a month in a few years will be able to access ANY information without having to go to a “starbucks” or “mcdonalds” or a soon to be closed cause “we cantafford them and anyway google digitized all the info anyway” public library.

The end of any “civic” spaces are at hand. Every place, both real and virtual will be owned by a large machinelike corporation that only has one purpose. To bleed you of resourses till you die. and then find another body to bleed.

No investment in growth is needed. This is all the zero sum game. So NO SOUP FOR YOU!. or YOU or YOU.