All you non believers, eat crow. Within 2 weeks of my top 3 predictions, this video has gone viral. The “net effect” -pun intended- will be the cha-ching moment being had by third rate lawyers and insurance brokers across the country this week.

Get ready to pay for youre shiny, people!  Welcome to the age of AUGMENTED ACCIDENTAL ENTERTAINMENT.!!

My contribution to the ever increasing “idiocracy” of people is to start a new “wacky nanny state” cult movement.  Let’s call it the HELMET LAW of 2015. Where itll be illegal to text and iAR without wearing protective headgear. The smarter the mobile devices, the dumber the owners.

America, let’s see your AR Chased falls and accidents! Health Care reformers need another chart to show the increase of rates on!

UPDATE: on 1/20 its been reported on national news/local tv  shes hired a LAWYER to sue the MALL security folks…  coffees too hot, and i see reality TV shows for all involved!