Let’s assume it’ll take 5 years for most  to realize that 99% of the “predictions” of what will be “the next thing” in 2011 posted by blogger media pundits are just bunk. In that spirit lets attack the big 3.

1. I predict in 2015 that most everyone will consider “gamifycation” and all the meetings taken in 2011 with consultants and money spent as “embarrasing” as  being one of those who didnt go to the bathroom at an EST meeting in the 1970’s.

2. I predict in 2015 that the 2011 explosion in AR /vid screen phones (iphones/androids/ipads etc) will lead to a new derragative term and exploitive business opp for lawyers and large insurance companies.  The ” AR chaser” will be the extension of lawyers cheaply paid interns who will specialize in following up on cases of harm and damage done by the massive usage of virtuality devices in reality by an ever more oblivious public. A public now outraged as leaders suggest thet the GOV should tax their virtual goods to pay for the ever growing Health Care issues surrounding Augmented Accidentals.

3. In 2015 Facebook will announce the firing of 50% of their staff  and a new direction . (MySpace fired 50% in Jan.2011)  This will be seen as a genius  “new” move in the tech PR world  as they  revalue  social networking sites based on the reality that their leaders are all suffering from varius levels of Autism and Asperghers Syndrome, and that “their ideas about people” may not have been the best ones to bet on. The upside for Facebooks Zuck and the still going, but AOL like Googles ex Founders, will be that they will then invest their money not given to their human employees, to setting up a new company of fewer -faster -machines, that will of course look to monetize and exploit others slower computer machines… This of course will work splendidly and lead to the 2016 Predictions of blogger pundits: that the new FACEGOOG corporation will become the fastest growing “social network” for “computers”  that will ever happen.;)

This company will lead to the birth of course of  “XNGA”  who’ll  specialize in making of social games and gamifycation monetization schemes that these new computers will  like to spend way too much time doing.

Anyhow. Theres my top 3 predictions for what the common “wisdom of the masses” will be in 2015, based on our delusions of 2011.