This weekends events were the first I ever came to know of, then follow for the next few hrs, exclusiley via “social media” and my laptop. I was online via wifi in a Starbucks saturday afternoon when a twitter feed on a blof i frequent mentioned a “kid shooting a gun”. The rest you most know by now as the event still transpires. I did for a while yesterday track and post here some links and thoughts as the news came out and the events actors and followers all contibuted to the mediaverse stream it created.

It’s now sunday around 7pm. Ive wacthed a few hrs of CNN today and they sold me the wonders of Facebook by having Zuckerbergs “sister” come on for 5 minutes to tell us that 3 million people posted the congress womens “name”, or said “something” about Palin, or Gun Control, or whatever. People are thinking about and posting things about this event. and so it goes. no news there. maybe the real news is that the number was only 3 million. I aslo noticed that the videos on youtube that I posted yesterday went from 300 to 1.6 milion views (some only 300k views in that 24 hrs. Not so much really.

How amy saw the repeated 9/11 plane slams inot a tower video within the first 24 hrs. Or the “back and to the left”  Zapruder footage over the last 40 years?. Just numbers.. bigger numbers. So what was CNN selling?  News? Information, or Facebook as a medium. 

Social Media is just a marketing scam. Anyone being honest with themselves after some learning must admit it.  Yet this event is being represented to us all as the “reality of what social media” is all about. And mainly by the so called “unsocial media” of old fashioned TV -cable media news. Except of course for FOX who gets it, lol but is also fireing 30% of Myspace workers this month, and who took down Jared’s page within the first moments of the BBC reporting his name.

So far all I can offer is that today, the medium has been made the news. The story totally removed and virtualized into virtual fodder/fuel for the machine. The media machine that spends more and more of every minute its “broadcasting- news- for us- or for the Giffords tale to have meaning”  just to talk about itself and how it’s doing- how it feels.

So. Media. How do you feel? Dont mind the microphone stuck in your face, please.

And so it goes… Miss ya Kurt. Miss ya Linda.