I saw Tron: Legacy last night…zzzzz

I thought with the last posts all about narrative and visual storytelling media that it deserved some sort of “review” here from me… but honestly, it was so underwheming in just about every way, that it’s just not worth my time….

I did find these short comments from a fan talkbacker named “dmso1” that I thought summed it up pretty well:

“It just felt too dumbed down for Tron. It had all the bell whisles to go beyond what it was but they kept from doing it.”

So, there you have it. “TOO DUMBED DOWN FOR TRON!?! ”  The final judgement about the “technorevolution” of the digital last 30 years and it’s affects on humans. “Its Radical stuff!” as said by Flynn.  Dumb and lazy … the better life by digital virtuality that we made for ourselves since we first “entered the grid”…

Anyhow, kudos to Olivia Wilde for being able to act through her human eyes, and provide the only “bits” of the film I found any interest in. 

At least the films “usless narrative” told the story of an early computer dudes “dissolutionment” with the “machine” and his youthful ignorance about “digital perfection” ,..well kinda…just  ignoring Quorra and the Isos and all that meta dialog stuff….lol.. Oh, and all that “Info for free” hack talk  while Disney will be after me for maybe downloading a P2P copy of the flick. So is that all info etc for Disney Films? or just Apples OS, or wait, that would get Steve mad, or maybe just “news” but that would sell less ipads for ABC world news….ugh….. my head hurts.

 Cant wait to see TRON: REZZOLUTIONS in 2030 with your pals?. Well by then I cant even think of how much more “narrative” can be removed from any mass medium. Maybe you dont have to wait 20 years…maybe none of us have to, all we need to do is daydream about a lightcycle chase, wear spandex- neon and the branded logos. Maybe we too will become a celeb of the  “grid”.  Or maybe you’ll just buy another shiny thing  for yourselves. Theyre “technology”
and better than coffee and cigarrettes for us, right?.!

But whose gonna know? Or care? it’s crazy dude, and it’s messin with my zen thing.