[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKYsh8C%5D 

Im not sure a Picture or even pictures at 30 FPS are worth a thousand words… but they can be entertaining. This was found posted at AICN.com yesterday after I wrote my Denny’s tech Piece. Its a 90min video autopsy of “Revenge of the Sith”  It’s some funny/strange stuff and I think re iterates my simple point about the geek generation and it’s cult leaders like Lucas;).

It also makes some clear points about all types of media, and shows that you can blog -write for 10 minutes, and make the same point that these/this guy/ makes in 90 minutes and probably over a few months of video editing work. Each medium its own “control” over a persons time and energy, and in the end, maybe, or maybe not adding to anything…

Which of course is the videos theme as to technology and storytelling, and how one small boy, annointed by culture as the chosen one, became the Dark Lord.:)

Its a 3 part video on bliptv.  Kudos to it’s makers. and Worth all your time..and it uses the “entertainment” factor of video/audio to make my blog rants point, much more fun to deal with.

But then again, who says everthing needs to be FUN and GAMES today…?  oh EVERYFREAKIN PUNDIT BODY who grew up on the Prequals Mess, and who maybe saw the original trilogy only after Greedo shot first…

Irv Kirshner will be missed.;)

PS- Best part of the video — The behind the scenes clip of Lucas entering the Room of  “employees” and “explaining the ideas to them”   also their applause at each sentence…. it’s priceless. And Ill bet the asian chick is now a senior VP at Disney:)

And yes, I do give it up to him for making the first movie, and managing/producing the first trilogies mass media affect… he found spinning a good trick:)