Im In a Denny’s surfing the web and checking email, and just hit some fanboy Star Wars thing, most likely another fan made ‘art film/comic” that is all Star Wars referenced etc. I saw an Ewok and had a thought about tech vs nature in culture, and since my phone was cut off 2 days earlier than my bill said due…(yes..its now that bad when you let machines and machinelike people run everything), I felt this momentary thought needed a blogging.

So I had this thought about peoples faith in technology in culture today-( tech-geeks) and thought about Lucas, who gave us originally the story of “nature” defeated the “machine system” in the original 3 movies –but who made the nature elements so uncool- the Ewoks?!- while the techguys- (stormtroopers and empire)  so cool looking in red balck and white shiny outfits-  that the whole “moral of the story” would get lost for the next generation of geek kids raised on shiny new toys every year. He followed it up of course 20 years later with the silly Gundam vs pure full on Robots in TPM and made the case even more clear that:

LUCAS LOVES ROBOTS, and I think wants the Technology to secretly win in the human/machine balance to come…. he may be a machine geek weenie looking for a DOM black clad BOT…;)  ew.

Cameron though, made his nature vs tech epic, AVATAR- and even TERMINATORS per say. with COOL ” nature side” characters…  Maybe they were Blue and had furry tails- but at 9 foot tall and sexy, or angry growling like feral faced moments they were kinda cool.. Even crazy moms and punk sons, who also were sexy and cool made up the end of the human race in Terminator, and that war for humanity. Look’s like

CAMERON sides with  US- the old fashioned PEOPLE…;)

So thats a quick Denny’s rant- Both of these Culture makers of Geeks uses technology in making movies like theres no tommorrow..but it seems that IF there is a tommorrow of geek robot /human  wars, then, of the two – Cameron is looking to be with the ragtags of humanities side the battle lines.;) while George appears to be hoping for a house droid role–(like R2 maybe)- serving drinks on the Robot Overlords Slave Yaht.:)

Anyhow, It’s been a while since I was at a Dennys..Free Refill Coffee, YES.