If a generation of Scifi writers didnt make technology a fetish religious business, and sell it/market it  heavily as the replacement for the “science” in “science fiction” , we may have not gotten a culture that cant tell it’s Elbow from it’s Ass(ange).

Bruce will be at the spring AR confernce Im sure. Let’s see if we can get him and Billy Mumy together for a photo 😉

I think of Bruce as a TechnoFetishist writer/pundit. IN many ways he’s a meta Ron Hubbard for the Techno Religious set. But unlike the other  metas like Assange  and Second Life’s Philip Rosedale, he’s afflicted like many of us, with too much pawnch and normal male hair patterns.;)

While some of us  dont’ wait for Superman.:) we know better. Some of us help make Lex Luthor’s possible. It’s been said he pay’s better.