Im really getting annoyed with writers and their medium… I actually agree with many things Bruce writes, but he writes so much that he cant keep that  He’s become a wind up monkey for the tech set…  i found this article today.. I wrote the comments below at the site, I dont’ know if theyll get added.. I also received a nice holiday Card today from Syd Mead and Partner… Was Joe Namath the “actual” Quaterback? or was George Pympton? I find myself having to write this twice today as response to “writer” bloggers and their fanz. Maybe the millions of monkeys typing “will” produce a better future… I just dont “thunk” so.

UGH. ok. lets correct some wrongs.. since youre a writer guy and a dabbler in ID. I found myself a ID with a writers intentions… and my heroes of youth… are the two most important scifi “creators” of the 20th century…and you CANT even see them. matt jefferies created star trek… not gene roddenberry. a designer/engineer with a flair for the science of technology. and syd mead created cyberpunk, 1982 with blade runner and trons world designs… and yes hes a ID who spent his first 40 years doing STEEL..and cars…etc.. both of these men, including a bit of Joe Johnston, doug trumble and john dykstra ALL ID educated..are the SCI FI creators who overwhemled the “narratives” of the writers they teamed with. they seduced and helped create the generation today that feels but cannot think about the world around them… and why? simple. they didnt offer reality. they offered “virtuality” as the future…. and so.. we have a 21st century not of spacecraft in outerspace,, but geeks in innerspace… the one space they THINK (ha ha) that they can control…. these names are the INDUSTRIAL DESIGNERS who truly took over for BEL GEDDES and Dreyfuss by the end of the 1950s… the fact that they arent known- not TIME/LIFE covers… arent the “heros” of culture, as were the Dreyfuss and Disneys.. goes to show the affect of virtuality and the children it creates… anyhow. back to your show,

Geesh, writers still thinking that the words are the thing//// youd think that 100 years of Hollywood would have broken them of that myth. The web”page” really has been a strange aboration and has given us a real scare, hasnt it?