It has been a dark time for the Galactic Barbershop… Hair quantity has taken over hair texture as the driving force of the rebellion.

Update of note: From the “closed comments section”: It looks like Jaron has figured out that the real power is in toy /merchandising licensing and that the actual “film” isnt the right medium to wage a religion 😉

Never use the current medium to teach. All it will teach is itself.


alexismadrigal 1 day ago

Hi guys. Thanks for your informed commentary here. Unfortunately, the deal we made with Jaron was that we were not going to have comments enabled. Since we’ve never actually done that before, I tried to disable comments in Moveable Type and that appears to have had no impact on Disqus. My apologies to Jaron and to you all who began this thread.

We *are* going to have alternative venues for responding to this piece. Feel free to email me at amadrigal[at] We’re going to collect critiques and add-ons from around the web (as well as a couple pieces that we’ve specifically asked for) for posting here, and I’ll take any emails you send my way into consideration.

So why shut off comments? For a piece like this, I don’t tend to think comments are the best means to a good discussion. Now, you all have done a good job of disproving the theory, but I still think I need to follow through on Jaron’s wishes to have commentary occur in other venues.

Apologies again, and thanks for the contributions thus far.