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What are the Most impotent factors to make interactive your designs

What will your answer if you have to give it in a single word? Pointing to the importance of element

1. 3D Effects
2. Color Combination
3. Shadows and Masking
4. Typography

I think Color Combination is the most important element in every design. Because without it nothing can make your design attractive.
What is your opinion?

7 days ago


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nancy hvn • Your Comment will help me to make some necessary rules for designing department. On which they have to focus…..
7 days ago

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Dirk Jan Hoets • This is a question that simply cannot (and even should not) be answered in a single word or even a sentence. With every design there are so many things to consider:
– What are the company goals?
– What are the goals of the target audience (or even audiences, as there can be multiple)?
– What technology do you have available?
– What kind of model/design philosophy do you use?
– What kind of site/product is it (informative, on-line shopping, travel, etcetera)
– How much interactivity is actually required?
– And so on and so on…

These are all things you have to consider before a pencil hits the paper (or the graphics tablet if you wish). Saying there is one single thing that drives it all would be oversimplifying. And sometimes what was important for one product is much less important for another.
Another factor is the interplay between the elements, for example 3D and typography. Beveling things or applying a perspective will inevitably influence the kinds of fonts available. And finally attractiveness, this is only one element/trait upon which you should base your design choices. Usability, clarity,. accessibility, consistency, and heuristics are but a few other factors that need to be considered when you start making choices.

By the way (as an unrelated sideline): you might want to check and see if you can still change the title of this discussion. Because I guess you mean important. What it says right now has a completely different meaning ;).

7 days ago

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Nicholas Nelson • I agree with Dirk, his answer sheds light on the complexity involved. I have found a good place to start is to: Step One: [Map out] the elements in a visual way, get off the computer and quickly sketch out the varies spokes of informations – Business Requirements, User Requirements, Budget, Competition, The Product/Service. Put these up on a wall – use colors and imagery. Then Step Two: [Order Information] use categories and Hierarchy, Colors, Numbers and Afla listings… Then start Designing.
7 days ago

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Asa Sherrill • A few of those things, depending on what your goal is, could be very critical to capture and isolate before beginning graphic design on a specific project.

You may be working with an identity system that already exists – its important to stick to those paradigms so that collateral created from the system remains consistent in look and feel across all its executions If the guide specifies using 3D effects to demonstrate transitions, then you better plan to use 3D effects in transitions (fixing the style guide is a totally different project)

Otherwise, with no guide, consider that there is an art to communicating interactivity and a lot of us would be out of a job if we believed we’d thought them up already. If your team is having trouble communicating that visually, either take them on a tour of websites and software that do it well or….. get a new team.

6 days ago

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Tia Dobi • Well, if it’s just text, than typography. I’ll go typography hands-down. Check out movie titling. Best typography in the world for decades.
6 days ago

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marte thompson • Nancy, I’m sure that you meant “important” and not “impotent.”
6 days ago

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Daisy Hopkins (daisyhopkins@gmail.com) • yes. important. but we are discussing about a serious matter here. I think Color combination is the most important part of any design.
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Gabby Hon • Folks, you’ve been conversing with spam accounts. Please see the proof here:


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Larry Rosenthal • LOL. Priceless Gabby. “Shadows and Maskings”…LOL