Credit -Copyright: DC Comics- Gibbons – Moore

I saw the Directors Cut of the movie version of the “Watchmen” this morning. It was on as I woke up, and I got suckered  into watching the Watchmen, again, for a few minutes of the death of Hollis..:)- was a nice scene though. Didnt make or break the release cut though.;)

“Im so dissapointed in you..” went the dialog in this scene as shown in the movie. It got me thinking and coupled with a blog post at WIRED STATE I saw how this image may some up how the “web2.0” social media “kumbyah” will end and how it’s players may become seen.

“We’ve perverted Humanity…  thats the “practical joke”- is dialog that also ends the films main themes… as they had to “trick” us “puny humans” into “peace” or pretending to get along though a common fear.

Anyhow.  You most know the story, or can google it.

Is Ozymandias the Hero?  Who runs Facebook and Google and Wikileaks? Are they all working together in some “Rorschach” inspired plot ? And is Bill Gates the Hollis of the real life comic show? Or was that Jobs who crosses the generational lines as the “Comedian”.?

When the movie came out a  year ago, I felt it “dated” to me. Beyond its “retro 1980s” world it felt like its  idea’s of a “Nuclear Doomsday” were a memory never had to the audience of geeks that wanted the fantasy movie made, but then hated its reality. But today, now- 2010- with the  PR “Doomsday” releases of  “UFO/Gov. rocking” documents from the puesdo costumed “vigilantes” like Assange (with “Bad hair ala “unbreakables Mr. Glass)  followed by his anonymous black clad minions… it all seems finally to click.  And the Watchmen have been “recalled” to duty, at least as with as much reality as a comic book can offer us. 

Anyhow. We now return control of your Internetz over to you, the viewer.This has been the Mediabastard:)