So this last weekend millions of Media Induced Psychotics spent real time and effort scrambling around the issues of “avatars” “cartoons” “copyright” and “pedofilia” all “mixed up cultured” into one “crisis”  and refeed back via Facebook “values.”

Years ago i sketched out a single frame illustration of a walk down the street in 2050. Most humans were full sized branded characters…the rest of the street denizens were robots. Today of course “avatars” or “picture icons” are already here, (i had to place them far into the future in 1996..or else seem crazy to others;) So this weekend the mass- 2 million as reported entered the “privacy” of the 21st century zuckerberg world. The only way to enjoy privacy and protection for your children? use corporate owned cartoon characters as your face.. FREE of course… well for now. since they DO OWN that IP/image and visual used. So in the end, you give up more freedom , to protect yourself from the system thats taking it in the first place….

I assume you already have heard about the ANTI VIRUS software company that released the VIRUS in the first place? No?….crazy eh, but you believe in ALIENS visiting Northern CA tech gurus…. OCCUMS RAZOR folks.

Of course one can only “like” or be non heard on such silly actions as this.

At least 60 minutes showed us a bit of “flopp sweat” on Mark Z. when questioned by Mike Wallace lite. 😉 BTW- go search out 60 minutes interview with “the boy genius of RAZORFISH” back in the late 90s… BOB SIMON did the interview…. he didnt smile much;) –  I heard this last week that those mark Z of the moment are back with 50 million to do to us with “social networking marketing” that they coudlnt with emails and banner ads….  And you thought the “skip intro flash ad” tracking you all over the web was bad enough.