I’ll let the battleing blogs speak for themselves. But i will say the entire story is very Howard Roarke and Ayn Rand “Fountainhead” like. Which of course is totally wonderfull since the FLW Foundation is the one being beaten up by a group of  entitlemnt junkies from the metaverses myths, (TOOHEYS BASTARDS;) and it’s much more fitting than last weeks Warners Bros metanews story of their excersing their commercial interests in their IP, Battlestar Galactica, which also  needed a Cease And Desist letter sent to Linden Labs in regards to LLs and others making profits /or mindshare (its “cough” customers) from others IP via unauthorized online sales of goods or services.

Heres Lindens glowing review of the FLW Museum and those of its “tribe” in Sl who make such possible….hmm. oh I cant find it on their site “today”  well…

I suggest anyone interested in our metafuture search out the initial Linden Labs PR release about the Museum and then search out the current blogs(MUCH easier btw- thanks to the myth of google making us “better” ) to see how much VALUE actually has been created for the Foundations needs, not those of Linden Labs, or some “avatar” free help fanz of FLW works, by the entire ordeal.

Let’s see some facts by the way, of total costs, total “educated” young folks about FLW, etc. from all these folks who clammer about “transpanrency”  and blog daily about others providing it.!:)

IF the idea was to create MORE VALUE for a “betterverse”;) lol then ask why after a year, did this “enterprise” end this way.

Do you’re homework, maybe even read somethign about FLWs ideas vs. that waterfall building you saw on PBS once and now reproduce for 15 bucks a pop to sell with Linden Labs assistance-co-profits, and then write your bloggity blog blogs .;)

Then yell back at the screen, or me.

” if it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger”. – Frank Lloyd Wright