OK. Got Your Attention there.

Vader did kill the Younglings and Blow up Alderaan. Right. ? What’s next ?  Khan, Dr. Doom, the Joker and Lex Luthor in ” iPhone and You” commercials  next month?  And you wonder why todays GEN PLUG AND PLAY have ethical issues on cheating on Florida University exams and devalueing the same videos and music works (and their makers ability to make them) that they seem to love so much. Meanwhile the kid’s making money off non license Battlestar Galactica item sales in Second Life  are all upset because Universal actually wants to be paid for their works usage and the efforts of the IPS creators.  Bigpoint does have a “licensed” BSG MMO game in development and they want their investment to grow. Understandable. (PS- Bigpoints Dark Orbit game that got to them where they are did use others unpaid for art Im pretty sure- so the lesson is steal and get big enough to close down the littler thieves;)  All very “Godfather Theft Auto” don’t you think?

Anyhow. Darth Vader is your DigiPal seems to be the meme. Maybe he wont kill you if you use his brand of machine.  And dont get me started on ANDROID and Googles message to young Google Borgs…;)

Good luck with all this meta marketing.