This was tHUNK! The Digital Network – at least part of it. C. 1993-5.

I repost the URLs today since i found a link saying that Douglas Coupland has a “newly usa published” book on Macluhan out. Its named after the Woody Allen joke scene in “Annie Hall” I also realized that this was the 15th anniversary of the “shockwaving” of tHUNK!  into webpage viewable segments of some of the “shows”. Yes, interactive cartoons on the web before Flash;)

Well,” you know nothing of our work..too;)”.  but thats because we made it too early and were in NY not SF. I assembled a ragtag fleet of New Yorkers into “new media” and the “Internetz of Al Gore” back in 1993. They all were very ahead of their time. All very GenX and all now scattered to the winds of obscurity and the valued ignorance of those who cashed in later unleashing the same ideas as “real” products and services for people.  Ah so it goes, but we “did” warn you all about those Gen Yers and their postliterate, emo ways to come.

Anyhow. Check out the ancient works, and see just how the same yesterday is to today, and worse, how every “satire” we made, has become a top ten TV show or Web Property by 2010.

It would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

Those who want to cash in on 2020, send me an email, and a check.:)