Ill have to search out the book, ripp a .pdf off of emule,  since i cant afford a copy. I posted my thoughts at the above urls comment area..lets see if Mitch allows it to stay.

Ill add to my comments after I read the book… but Im sure if you really want to, you can find it all written by others 45 years ago.:) Ill find it as a pdf probably in a few months.. took that long for me to get Laniers book. I guess i cant ask them to sign a copy for me.. eh?

Im sure the PBS Frontline to come will be “fine” but have too many “ironic” edits..;) Not that there’s anything wrong with that.:)

UPDATE:- to be fair. i just saw the OR books page, and the 10 bucks for PDF link… Im all for that. Good Deal. though i still cant afford it.. and information must be freed! 😉

Besides – Leary called him a genius. Real genius would have figured out how to get these ideas published as meme 20 years ago.:)