This is your “new normal” self help piece about the gamification of the realworld. You’ll read more and more about their “genius” as those who bank them take more and more of your self worth and property away.

For those not playing  along yet:

1.WEB 1.0 – the 1990s were a decade to “entice you to plug in” even for free. or really cheap “introductory rates”  Value was redefined as “virtual” as “virtual had been sold as not real ” for the previous 30 years. 

2. WEB2.0 – the 2000s were the decade to “entice you to connect and share yourself for free”

3. WEB 3.0 – the 2010’s will be the decade to “entice you to join a team and play ball – but not “for free” but for awards and badges- like pretending to be a pro ball pitcher at a carnival  ball toss booth- fun fun fun.”

in other words, “work a job”. but Gov 2.0 folks and their gamer designers promise it’ll be fun.. like when you were a child. So that you dont have to learn have to read, or write, or decide where or what you want to do , or if to get paid. or…..wait a minute ..whao!!..dude. thats so like that slavery past thing…huh dude!?

No, not at all…. The Coliseum is in Rome and the Carousel was run by a computer AI in the future.  IT is.. check WIKI.

Fiction just  isnt what it used to be.