The following is a cut and paste from a reply I wrote at “Dwell on it” a blog dealing with virtual worlds/Second life type interests.. The post was about “what happens when a virtual world community ends”  and was typical of the posts now coming out  from the SL ish digerati from the class of 2006 who first evangelised their finding of 3Drt virtuality as something new and needing to be spread to all aspects of life.. as you see, after 30 years creating virtualities, especially in the 3D digital media, my take is a little different;)

In the past.. for 50000 years -human communities have been GENERATIONAL – aka. sex leading to CHILDREN… brought up in that community, etc. Now not gettting into the “realities” of that all changing in the “modern real natural world” due to technology in the last 1000 years ( and most accelerated in the last 100) or so… lets examine what that means to “digital communities” that have absolutely NO communities that are over 50 years old.

Electronic “communites” are stretched at “myths” of 30 years…. WELLs and ECHOs;) puns and all…etc. and larger- more “diverse” non techie-special interest “groups” are most likely part of the AOL wave at best…. 1995 era.. before that, groups mainly were self teaching meta-tech-media to each other…..

the best of AOL or others groups are pretty much dead… Amiga groups much?
yes. star wars fans. move from tech to tech…. but they are not “from the media”.. they are from the old fashioned- story film- media….. so un meta… as the immersionists would tell us in blogs..;)

so again….. less than 30 years and no children….. kind of like many of the christian offshoot cult/communities that flourished in America in the 1800s….

Are we “Digital Shakers”…. that dont even own our own tools to make our own furniture or as the majority seem to crave, copy and resell anothers….

so again, i question the entire idea of these “DIGITAL COMMUNTIES” i think deep down youll find only the tighness of a unwise sewing group that eventually finishes the quilt, and then quabbles over who “owns” it.:)

until, we all agree and act as if theres really a there there…. virtuality is at best an entertainment or a medium for simulation. All else..from gov 2.0 memes to financial ecosystems,or as  ” humanities communication media”  are all doomed to do us no real good.

“Shakers also believed that their lives should be dedicated to pursuing perfection and continuously confessing their sins and attempting to stop sinning.””  sound familiar?  Sounds like a  certain set of  campus’s in silicon valley..;)  beta or obsolete- 😉