Iv’e only watched Glenn Becks show like 3 times.. I saw it a few weeks ago and was shocked to see a show from a guy telling us he was “changed” cause he had a life/health scare. Wasnt what I had expected from the “Walter Winchel” act I was under the impression -by the media- that he was known for.
The rally he held seemed to cement that idea of him as a meglomaniac and pretty much pios right wing nutter. Of course Jon Stewart coming back and putting on his own “rally” at the mall and calling it a rally for “sanity” seemed to make some sense as both an entertianment stunt, as well as a puesdo political response.
So now today as i type this, Beck is doing the “virtualization” of money tirade, the were ROME, history repeating, devalue the dollar act for his audience. Crazy thing is, the Insane thing is, is that I agree with him. Now he does have it in for George Soros, and frankly I do think we need to figure out a global plan to reach some sort of equilibrum in the face of the networked information culture and century ahead.
Anyhow… Let me watch the rest of the show… Insanity —  LOl  All his commercials are guys( G Gordon Liddy is one of them) selling us GOLD…lol but what good is GOLD in a  future world where I’ll will really need GAS and Water/food if it goes the way Beck says?…:) GOLD ?!  isnt it just another level of virtualization of power that I thought an old Twilight Zone episode showed us had no value in 2050.  More later.