Well that was an interesting morning. I usually never stay home mid days saturday to watch tv, but the Stewart/Colbert show was one to watch.
I first tried to watch it on CSPAN.. but the recepetion of such a “unimportant” channel as cspan  in Boca was terrible… so i switched to Viacoms Comedy Central which had it in HD..:)

there’s a Stewart like joke there… 😉

So overall it was a fun few hrs, but a big “Q” in many ways-  to use the TREK lingo that Stewart/Colbert decided to bring to the show…:)

anyhow..alot to review, and ill let the verbose bloggers have their fun…

The only one thing really weird and beyond even the Q continuums ability to answer was the THEY factor…you know THEY..:)

The show was all about the ethics of a 47 year old jewish american  guy brought up on TOS trek …they even attacked the 27 year old jewish guy who grew up on TNG and some of its wishy washy new age stuff- who wants us all to be BORG…Zuckbook…. The entir show was i assume paid for by VOLKSWAGON, the car HILTER helped design….and of course produced by Viacom..who owns many of the fake/real news cable channels Stewart wisley tells us to turn off when they arent helping..;) weird reality…eh?

As for a show about REASON vs FEAR, i didnt  feel it much,  UNTIL  when  he crossed the “pundit” barrier and I felt his sincerity and fear when addressing an audience that didnt know if they should have clapped or not like pavlovs pets to bring back peterpan”  …..maybe that was the most honest part of the show…

And for that spectacle, i think he should be commended..and more importantly the viewers should be doing the commending…lest hope they figure it out after they go home and watch themslves at the show to really prove they were there.:)
as for the more fear part…he did apologise for his singing… but he did get us Bennet in the end.

Finally, for another mediabastard like me, he did well.. he could have recited his rendition of “E PLEBNISTA” in front a video screen of tattered flags….

but a mention of BALOK will do….