Youtube has now added LEANBACK to its GoogleTV offereings… just add “ads” instead of water and watch long form video narrative and the economy around it – die. Whos gonna be able to afford to make “stories” and narratives” that all those newbie egghead pundits talk about at virtuality road show conferences?… Google ads-words are too inexpensive and the reach too decentralized… sure well get “content”. but then again, what is the value of growing up watching 7 million stupid pet tricks or everyones ADD or MIP sydrome daily?

Then again, we KNOW what PUBLIC CABLE ACCESS TV looks like.. we also know that in less than a 30 year span, its almost all GONE and CENSORED as the local governments sell off the bandwith to the telcos to ad more commercial interest speech they sell or brand to us.

Frankly i love public access cable tv channel hopping… as entertainment. 95% of it is ego trainwreck stuff — maybe 5% has some “civic value” ..but remember, one of the few middle class economic generators in the US has been “media” entertainment/information and the “media” creation to pay for it via advertising. Kill it, and what exactly do the 1 million millionaires have to protect themselves from the 259 million poor folk who no longer can afford McDs and Pepsi they have been conditioned to consume?

just askin?;)